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Based on the FOBAC Ghana Vision, the fresh plant breaking out of the ground was adopted by Management and Board as representing the renaissance (rebirth), and to a lesser extent birth, of those positive values, attitudes, and behaviours that were a significant part of our original culture as Ghanaians, and which need to be nurtured and developed for the benefit of sustainable development in Ghana.


To have a society where there is significant renaissance and nurturing of good behavioural and attitudinal characteristics through a mental and moral revolution in all aspects of life.


To work in collaboration with key stakeholders and partners to achieve a positive reshaping of attitudes and behaviours among Ghanaians; both individuals and institutions, for more sustainable national development.


The Board and management of FOBAC Ghana have, based on the increasing interest being shown by a number of non-Ghanaians abroad, decided to open its general membership to both Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians living abroad. Such members will however be referred to as “Supporters”.

This is to make it possible for foreigners and Ghanaians abroad who believe in the Vision of FOBAC Ghana, and consider it worth supporting, to express such support in the following forms:

a) Provision of Volunteer service.

b) Fundraising for FOBAC, but not without the express approval or request by the management of FOBAC.

c) Promotion of FOBAC Ghana through their social media platforms, networks, and other channels.

d) Creating potential fundraising opportunities for the management of FOBAC Ghana to explore.


And create awareness about the importance of good behavior and attitudes for national development.

The negative consequences of bad behavior and attitudes in all aspects of life.

Of appropriate measures/strategies for influencing/achieving requisite attitudinal and behavioural changes.

With appropriate partners to project, uphold and reward good behavior and attitudes through advocacy and a recognition/award mechanism.

The formation of pro-good behavior/attitudes constituencies in strategic organizations and communities.

Of a dynamic medium for civil society checks and balances on parliamentary decisions, the executive’s actions and policies, institutional actions, and individual behaviours and attitudes that do not promote / facilitate the achievement of adopted national vision / agenda.

Appropriate action on aspects of governance, individual and institutional actions and cultures/traditions that militate against the national vision.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contribute towards their achievement.

Of specialized Teacher Education and Development programme.



 A strong love, passion and commitment to national interest shall characterize and drive all our actions and decisions.


We will hold ourselves accountable for not just our actions, but also be accountable to every source of funding support and any other resource.


In all of our deliberations, utterances and actions, the principle of honesty shall be applied consistently, irrespective of prevailing circumstances.


We believe in respect for diversity, individual human dignity and views, and will always be guided by such respect, even when we disagree with an individual/institution.


Impartiality in respect of partisanship, tribe, gender, faith, etc will, to the utmost extent possible, guide and influence all of our actions.

Pro-sustainable development

Much as all of our activities shall be geared towards national and human development, our ultimate focus will always be on how any issue we work on contributes to sustainable development.


Our work, our individual attitude/behaviour, and overall organisational culture shall be characterised by a very high level of professionalism.


We will approach all issues we take on board or involve ourselves in with optimum objectivity.

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